Qingdao Libang Kingtone Trade Co., Ltd.


ADD:No. 2777, Laizhou South Road, Laizhou, Shandong, China


“Qingdao Libang Kingtone Trade Co., Ltd.”, which is a new branch office handling the import and export business of our own factory “Laizhou Lif Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.” . The factory is located in Laizhou city, which is the cradle and production base of the handmade arts and crafts. These products have the history of more than 1500 years. In early 19th century, they were sold to many countries of Europe and America. Now the main products we are producing and exporting are the handmade bags, hats and baskets for home decoration in different materials.


Culture of our enterprises:
Practicality, Innovation, Unity
Quality first, Faith important
Scientific management, Uncompromising Integrity
Customers first, Whole-hearted service 
Our factory “Laizhou Lif Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.” was set up in 1991. Originally it was a Sino-Japan joint venture. In 1992, “Shandong Laizhou Arts & Crafts Group Co., Ltd. was set up and all our factory’s products were exported through this company until 2013, when this factory was independent. From then on, we produced and exported our products directly. In 2016, “Qingdao Libang Kingtone Trade Co., Ltd.” was set up in the port city of Qingdao just in order to give our customers better service.