Do you think God is a real person?

To begin with, God has filled an understanding of perpetuity in the mind almost every person, that’s why you are here on this blog with the question, is God real? The history shows that civilizations in each era have been abiding by a few ethical rules incredibly alike from generation to generation.

Things that may lead us to the answer

Let’s go ahead with an instance, the act of speaking the truth is highly appreciated, and the action of telling lies is globally considered extremely bad. The general ethical rule, the universal sense of good and bad, and things making us think a Supreme Moral Being that blessed us with these absolutes lead us to a good answer to – is God real?

The trend of God-worship

Any person using their common sense can better understand what the possible answer can be too, is God real. Similarly, communities belonging to various parts of the globe, apart from civilization, have been a part of an inherited trend of God-worship.

People with their specific religions adopt a different style to worship their imaginative Gods with their specific names. For example, God is said to be Allah in Islam and Bhagwan in Hinduism, these are two major religions of the world after Christianity. Similarly, the objective of God-worship and method can be different in different areas of the world even with the same religion; there are sects in almost every religion of the world as well.

The idea of a “Supreme Authority”

Hence, the idea about a “Supreme Authority” can never be set apart from humans, that’s why the religious population of the world cover 90% of the total world population. Human’s tendency towards God-worship is similar to the phenomenon that it is wrong that we are out of nowhere but we are something with the creator called God. So, according to Genesis 1:27, God has created us in his own image.